Mathematical Motherlickin Geni-ass

I passed and got 78% on my stats course! Feckin delighted!Image It was provided through University of California Berkeley via edX, a collaboration between some of the world’s leading educational institutes; Harvard, MIT, UTAustin, Stanford and as mentioned Berkeley. They provide the courses, actual modules undertaken at these universities, to a global audience for free. On this particularly course Stat2.1x, I believe nearly 50,000 people started!

My 78% was slightly below the median, that was 80% (slightly more than 50% of the people who finished scored more than me). But hey I ain’t bragging, despite what the title of this post is!

I can’t recommend enough how brilliant this organisation is. If you want to learn to code, investigate the economics of poverty, study Greek mythology, get some foundation knowledge in the areas of biology, quantum mechanics, energy technologies of tomorrow, computer graphics, electronics, AI, haute cuisine and many, many more… deep breath… you can… and it’s all for free, provided by some of the world’s leading educational institutions!

Link is below, you don’t have any excuse.

P.s. much love to Ani Adhikari (@stat2x) the lead lecturer, who engaged, entertain and educated in equal measure. I’ll be joining for Stat2.2x


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