I can walk… kinda. For two weeks I could not bear any weight on my left leg. I couldn’t fully extend it and I’d often wake up in agony, desperate to pee, but would have to crawl or hobble to the toilet. The pain, the physical aspects of this injury and it’s complications I can handle, but the effect those physiological effects had on my psyche was beginning to be too much. 

My consultant and physio didn’t know what had caused this (and still don’t) I wasn’t getting any better and for the most part I didn’t leave the house, unless I was going to the hospital for those two weeks. Since September 23rd 2012, when I ruptured my ligaments and damaged my cartilage, this was the only time I wasn’t able to walk. I could not see any daylight and no one had any advice for me. I would not wish this injury on anyone; except for my sworn enemies, obviously.

This was only two weeks, two weeks out of a recovery period of 9 months and I was cracking up. People with far more serious ailments, with no guarantee they’ll fully recover, will have shown far greater mental strength. I need to work on that.

Anyway, I’m recovering and can walk… kinda. At first I just pushed through the pain. It was as if I was learning how to walk again; I had to change my stance, my gait and approach. I had to think about what I was doing. Putting one leg in front of the other, in succession, is harder than it sounds! I still can’t lead with me right (stronger) leg; there still exists this barrier on my left calf that prevents me from doing so, but it’s getting better. It’s progress, but this is just the beginning and more pain and more challenges are yet to come. Stay tuned.


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